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If there's one thing that plagues employers and employees alike, it's miscommunication-particularly when it comes to wage, working hours, and job expectations. Even when these issues are clearly communicated up front, there's no guarantee that both employee and employer will adhere to them.

Thankfully, when disputes arise concerning overtime hours and unpaid wages, there is a universal, federal standard that applies. Of course, successfully appealing to that standard often requires the assistance of a trained overtime lawyer. Here enters Jackson Allen & Williams, LLP.

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Historically speaking, the power struggle between employer and employee has always been uneven-with most of the power being firmly in the employer's pocket. As such, most labor laws are designed to protect the interests of the employee from being overrun by those of the employer. The end result is a legal system that is extremely sympathetic to the plight of the worker.

For instance, federally mandated overtime pay does not require:

  • Prior approval for overtime hours worked
  • That overtime hours be formally reported
  • The ability to prove precisely how much "off the clock" work was done

Legally, it is the employer's responsibility to properly track the number of hours being worked by each of its employees. If an employer fails to do so and a dispute arises over the number of hours worked, the court relies on the employee to make a good faith estimate of how many hours were worked. If the employer wishes to challenge this estimate, they must be able to prove that the employee could not possibly have worked the hours claimed. Thus, the burden of proof is on the employer.

Furthermore, employees cannot be terminated, penalized or reprimanded for bringing a legitimate case against their employer. Employees are also eligible to recover at least two years in unpaid overtime wages-plus an equal amount in damages for lost interest and legal fees. Jackson Allen & Williams, LLP has as much experience as any Dallas overtime attorney you could find.

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