What Types of Workers Do You Represent?

Our Dallas Overtime Lawyers Can Assist You

We at Jackson Allen & Williams, LLP represent a diverse spectrum of workers in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas of Texas. All of our clients share the same concern. They are all employees who were wrongly led to believe that they were ineligible for overtime pay-when in fact they weren't! If you're uncertain about your own overtime eligibility, we'd love to meet with you. If we think you have a case, we'd love to help you secure your lost wages.

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Most employers have lawyers. You might need one too!

Over the years, employers have found all sorts of ways to avoid paying their employees overtime. In most cases, these loopholes are only sustainable as long as their employees remain silent.

If any of the following applies to you, speak to our experienced Dallas overtime attorney today:

  • Despite working for only one company, you've been classified as an independent contractor.
  • You work through lunch breaks without compensation.
  • You're not paid overtime for hours that weren't formally approved.
  • You're not paid for time spent in required training or meetings.
  • You do "off the clock" work at home without being paid.
  • You're required to clock in early for "set up" purposes.
  • Your salary does not increase despite working overtime.
  • Your overtime wage does not account for commissions and/or bonuses.

Overtime rules exist to protect employees from the corrupt demands of their employers, and the courts take these cases very seriously. When wage disputes arise, the burden of proof lies firmly on the employer. It is not uncommon for you to be able to recover at least two years in lost overtime wages-along with a matching amount in damages.

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