Confused About Overtime Exemptions?

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Overtime exemptions do exist, but their classification is much narrower than many employers would have you believe. In most cases, employers are federally required to pay their employees time and a half for any overtime hours worked in excess of the standard 40-hour week. At Jackson Allen & Williams, LLP, our intimate knowledge of federal overtime laws and more than 60 years of combined legal experience place us amongst the most trusted overtime attorneys in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

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Which employees are exempt from overtime pay?

Federal overtime payment requirements exist to help ensure that employers do not take advantage of or abuse employee labor. As might be expected, employers are not always eager to comply with such measures-prompting some to prey on the ignorance or confusion of their employees.

Listed below are some of the employees exempted from standard overtime pay:

  • Executives, administrators, and teachers
  • Outside salespersons
  • Seasonal amusement park workers
  • Farmworkers
  • Fishermen
  • Casual babysitters

The complete list of exemptions is much longer and is often open to interpretation-which is why the counsel of an experienced overtime lawyer is so invaluable!

Commonly Abused Overtime Exemptions

Since employers in Texas are not required to pay independent contractors time and a half for overtime, some employers wrongly classify their employees as independent contractors-cheating them of their overtime pay. Additionally, some employers compensate employee overtime by giving them paid time off. Though this is permissible compensation for certain public employees, it does not meet minimum federal standards for most employees.

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