How Does the Fair Labor Standards Act Protect Employees?

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The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a federal law that mandates minimum wage and overtime pay requirements for workers. Although minimum wage and overtime compensation relate to an hourly pay rate, its coverage includes most salaried employees. While the Fair Labor Standards Act provides sweeping protection for employees throughout the country, many employers in Fort Worth or Dallas, Texas do not comply with its minimum requirements. Whether they do so knowingly or unknowingly, the end result is the same for the unfortunate employee-lost income!

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The overtime requirement mandated by the Fair Labor Standards Act is relatively straightforward. The same standard applies to all incomes and industries.

These are the basic overtime tenets laid out by FLSA:

  • If an employee works more than 40 hours in a standard, 7-day work week, they are to receive overtime pay for each additional hour worked.
  • Overtime pay is to be 1.5 times greater than normal pay (time and a half).
  • If an employee works on salary, overtime pay will be based on their equivalent hourly rate.
  • When calculating overtime pay, normal commissions and/or bonuses must be included.

There are certain exemptions that apply, but there's no guarantee that your employer will accurately apply-or even understand-them. If you're concerned about your own overtime eligibility, you're much better off leaning on the experienced counsel of a Dallas overtime attorney. Jackson Allen & Williams, LLP has decades of experience in this precise field. We have helped numerous clients throughout Dallas and Fort Worth recover their back wages.

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