Wondering About Overtime Eligibility?

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If you're doing an online search for overtime eligibility, there's a good chance your interest isn't merely academic. You're likely here because you wonder if your employer is required to pay you extra for the overtime hours you have worked. The short answer is "probably."

The long answer is a bit more complicated-which is why we're here . If you have a question about overtime laws, contact our Fort Worth attorneys at Jackson Allen & Williams, LLP today for a free consultation!

Is my employer required to pay me time and a half for overtime?

The Fair Labor Standards Act sets minimum federal requirements for employee compensation -including overtime pay. As a result, most employers are required to pay their employees time and a half for every hour they work in excess of a standard, 40-hour work week.

In general, if any of the following qualifications apply to your employer, you are eligible for overtime pay:

  • Engages in interstate commerce
  • $500,000 or more in annual revenues
  • Is a hospital or institution that cares for the sick, aged, disabled or mentally ill
  • Is a school, university or government agency
  • Pays you for ongoing domestic services

Whether you work full-time or part-time, receive an hourly wage or a yearly salary, chances are you're entitled to overtime pay. Certain professions are exempt from overtime pay, such as professional or executive employees, but do not let your employer misclassify your work in order to avoid compensating you. Talk to our knowledgeable and friendly overtime lawyers to discuss your eligibility.

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